Больная раком Елена Степунина из «Дома-2» просит денег на лечение The former participant of the reality show turned for help in social networks. Doctors appointed Elena Stepunina expensive test. Young woman admitted that due to poor health can’t work.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Elena Stepunina for several months struggling with cancer. A young woman recounts subscribers microblog about each stage of treatment and about his health. Despite all the difficulties, Elena tries to remain optimistic and not allow himself to lose heart. Her posts are full of irony and demonstrate that she intends to win the fight against cancer. Cancer ex-member of “House-2” Elena Stepunina: “many due to cancer leave men”

However, Stepunina now needs not only moral support subscribers, but also material support. The former participant “Houses-2” for obvious reasons, cannot actively work, and money for treatment is always required. Doctors appointed Elena is an expensive treatment for which she has no means.

“Hi to all my friends. Mood sucks. Eyes can hardly see anything because of the conjunctivitis. Tired of being homeless and always without money. This time, I will have to ask you for help. I need money for PET CT and to thank my physician. I thought that I earn, but signed up 5 people, 3 of which model. Even with a great desire not just to earn… if only you Knew how dumb I feel,” wrote Elena Stepunina in microblogging, posting the number of your card, where those wishing to help can send money.

PET (positron emission tomography), which was appointed to Elena, one of the most challenging investigations in contemporary medicine. This diagnostic is applicable not only to detect cancer, but is also used during treatment, allowing to evaluate the results of therapy and to follow changes in the pathological focus.

Members of the ex-participants “Houses-2” has responded to her request, promising to help her. “Helen, hold on, you can do this, you’ll be healthy”, “Helen, hold on!” “Health to you, Lena!” – supported Stepunina followers.

However, later Elena Stepunina post asking for help were removed. Instead, her microblogging published an article with gratitude to all those who support a young woman in her difficult struggle with the disease.

Recall that she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor, Elena Stepunina frankly told in April of this year. Almost immediately after she was diagnosed with large-cell carcinoma and lymphoma of the fourth degree. A malignant tumor is inoperable, as it is located near the heart. Elena is determined to overcome the disease, because at home waiting for her little son Matthew, and beloved husband Vladimir.