Беременная Ржаксенская обустраивает комнату для будущего малыша Finalist of the show “the Bachelor” this fall will become a mother. Galina Rzhaksinsky began to actively prepare for the birth of the child. She wants to foresee everything in advance and carefully think through every detail in the nursery.

The star of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky preparing for the changes in life. An important event will occur this fall. Galina will bring the firstborn of her husband, Eugene Gromov.

Preparing for the advent of the baby born has entered the active phase. And these days the expectant mother hard at work building a child’s room. And she, as planned, Galina Rzhaksinsky be more than one. Finalist of “the Bachelor” carefully considered the interior of your bedroom, which will settle the future heir. A young woman wants to have everything and pays attention to every detail.

“I do children’s rooms, want to do not only at home but also from his Mama. Like with the Cribs decided. And you, mom, tell me, I use a pendulum? Or is it better just not to teach? What advise to take into account that the room was not only beautiful, but also all of the case?” – asked Council Galina Rzhaksinsky his podeschi.

Experienced moms responded to the request of Galina. “The pendulum at all. If the case, then a smaller bag, changing table, baby bath 2 in 1 is very convenient”, “the Most important thing is the minimalism. Will be cleaner air,” “On the crib, it’s not for everybody. But we bought with the pendulum. Just don’t push it,” “I too at first thought it was all right – and the right mattress, and the crib from the right tree, and then another long list. But the child himself dictates the rules. And the first couple of months, she actually slept on the pillow next to me. And now the bed is mainly for NAPs and part of the night. Most of the night sleeping with me, because it’s more convenient to feed”, – share their experience followers Rzhaksinsky.

We will remind, “StarHit” the first told his readers about the pregnancy of the finalist of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky. The star of “the Bachelor,” Galina Rzhaksinsky expecting a baby

The expectant mother then admitted that the news of the upcoming addition has become for her a complete surprise. She and her husband Evgeny Gromov was planning this summer to throw a big wedding, but the celebration had to be postponed for some time. Galina believes that her position to appear at the ceremony is unwise. The parents already know the sex, but prefer to keep it a secret from everyone.