Дети Михаила Боярского вспомнили непростое детство
Elizabeth and Sergey was very upset by quarreling parents.

Дети Михаила Боярского вспомнили непростое детство

Mikhail Boyarsky and his wife Larisa

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

Mikhail Boyarsky and his
spouse Larissa Luppian has been together for almost forty years. But not all of them spouses
was a model family. Recently their own children — Elizabeth and Sergei
admitted that from his youth they were not the most pleasant of memories
the relationship of parents. As it turned out, there was a time when Michael and Larissa is a very
a lot of cursing. It got to the point that children were forced to intervene in the conflict
parents. According to Sergei, he was happy, when like a wave of a magic
sticks, quarrels in his family had gone.

“It was unpleasant to be
in an environment where parents yell and swear much. And considering that
love and the second one the same, I want to defend both.
It is very good that at some point it ended. I do not know what forces
mom and dad stopped to show each other claims, but they turned into
very kind and caring couple!” — said Sergey.

For many years Michael and
Larissa, are an example of an exemplary family. Boyarsky, as admitted by his son, gently
cares about his wife and fulfills her every whim. The couple love to spend
with each other all your free time. They are not separated and at work — Michael
and Larissa are still together serving in the same theatre. And long are many
an exemplary example of a strong and indestructible Union.

There is nothing more important than children, you cannot let a child’s life to chance. And today the baby will attach to your iPad and fall out of reality

Photo: Valery Plotnikov

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