Фанатов Radiohead избили в Стамбуле

Fans of Radiohead were beaten in Istanbul, allegedly by religious fanatics. The fight took place on Friday 17 June in one of musical shops of the capital of Turkey Velvet Indieground, in which the British band premiered their new album, A Moon Shaped Pool.

As the channel CNN Turk, had entered the store hooligans, shouting and fists lashed out at visitors who listened to music and drank beer. The number of attackers and victims is still unknown, we only know that among the victims were several foreigners.
Fortunately, as a result nobody suffered serious injuries. Among the motives for the attack most likely called religious. The fact that in a Muslim country now Ramadan is a sacred month, when I do not eat in the day and alcohol at any time of the day. Alcohol consumption, especially in a simple post, it is a great sin.
“A Moon Shaped Pool is the ninth Studio album. It was released on may 8 and on sale on 17 June.
The band Radiohead was founded in 1985, and the debut album Pablo Honey was released only in 1993. The band’s style is defined as alternative rock.

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