Дети Маргариты Агибаловой привыкают к жизни на острове The star of “House-2” spends time in Cyprus. In the beginning of the week Margarita Agibalova family flew abroad. Celebrity shares his impressions with his fans.

      Дети Маргариты Агибаловой привыкают к жизни на острове

      In the beginning of the week star of the reality show “Dom-2” Margarita Agibalova flew with my family to Cyprus. Fans immediately reacted to the sharp change of residence of a celebrity. However, Margarita is not said how long it plans to stay abroad. It is fair to say that this is not the first trip to the island family of the former participants of the teleproject. Almost two years ago, they spent four months in Cyprus. Despite this, children still have to re-adjust to the changed conditions. But, apparently, a son and a daughter already adapted to a new country and find their entertainment.

      Mother Margarita, Irina Agibalova, began to display photos of Mitya and Bella in his microblog that she send.

      “Video of nanny Belle. Mandarin Paradise”, signed Irina video girl collects fallen tangerines. Despite the fact that the family her daughter had gone less than a week ago Irina I am already missing the grandkids.

      Video published by Irina Agibalova (@agibalova_irina) Mar 17 2016 12:28 PDT

      The Margarita is also not the Villa sits idly by. The celebrity decided to make a vlog, in which she will tell you useful information about the island and share funny moments that happen with her family. Fans enthusiastically adopted this idea Agibalova, especially the fact that it will be based on the topics that are most interesting for its subscribers. “Rita, how much is the rent of a small house and where to go with this question?” “Rita, Cyprus what do you usually cook? There are the same products as in Moscow?”, “How much do you spend per week? What do you do there?” – they began asking questions after Margaret thought, what better to talk in his vlog.

      Now, Margarita is not just having fun on vacation, but also gathers information for his fans.

      The only thing that saddens margaritas weather in Cyprus. Usually at this time on the island already warm, but still Agibalova complain about the lack of sun and rather cool days. Moreover, children are also eagerly waiting for the promised heat. “I see in the eyes of the child the question: “Mom, where’s the sun? We are in Cyprus come and have a warm sweater and socks around the house to walk”. And mom to answer. Wait, hon, wait,” he told Margaret about the first days of life on the island.

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