Анна Хилькевич рассказала о пластике на носу и губах

To the criticism the star of TV series “Univer” Anna Khilkevich not used to. Almost every publication I in the Network, which makes young mother is subjected to negative statements and comments of its subscribers. The followers don’t like that Anna works at a time, how to stay home with the baby, do not like anti-fans and appearance Khilkevich, in particular, many believe that Anna before coming to the world of cinema changed his face entirely.

In the proof that Khilkevich all natural and untouched by the scalpel of a plastic surgeon, the actress has published a collage, where it was the baby picture and yourself in the present time.

“Who says that I have “made” the lips and the nose look! — wrote the girl. — Proof so-so, but at least in the photo look!”

Indeed, despite the fact that the photo of little Anna’s black-and-white, it is clearly visible all the basic details: a straight nose and full lips the right shape.


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