George Clooney chose his wife’s lover? PHOTO

Джордж Клуни предпочел жене любовницу? ФОТО The paparazzi caught Hollywood actor for kissing with a stranger. George Clooney who recently began to lead a family life with his wife Amal Alamuddin, has been compromised.

      Джордж Клуни предпочел жене любовницу? ФОТО

      Fans of George Clooney for a long time couldn’t believe that their idol decided to settle down and start family life. So the Hollywood star’s wedding with lawyer Amal Alamuddin in 2014, was a big surprise for many. Meanwhile, barely a couple of years, as 54-year-old actor has been compromised.

      The ubiquitous paparazzi in Los Angeles that day keep the stars in front of the cameras, made a series of provocative pictures of George Clooney. Famous artist caught at the outlet of a prestigious restaurant in Los Angeles late in the evening. He was hugging and kissing an unknown blonde. The woman stood with her back to the camera, so her face was impossible to discern.

      It is noteworthy that Clooney didn’t hesitate to Express your feelings, even though he were in a fairly crowded place. The footage shows passers-by who may not know a star screen. Many fans were quick to condemn George and suspected him of cheating on his beloved wife Amal.

      Meanwhile, it is possible that kissing and hugging Clooney with a mysterious blonde are purely friendly in nature. After all, many creative people allow themselves in behaviour with friends and colleagues too emotional. And maybe George just participated in the filming of a new project, which is not yet public. In any case, now he will have to explain to the wife. Because naughty pictures are walking through the Network, and vigorously discussed in the media.

      It should be noted that the wife of Oscar-winning actor also gives a reason for gossip. Recent photo of Amal was struck by secular columnists, who could not help but notice the painful thinness of a lawyer. At growth of 172 centimeter Alamuddin weighs only 45 pounds. According to doctors, the wife of Clooney urgently needs to gain weight, otherwise it may occur serious health problems.

      By the way, the psychic Mohsen, Norouzi almost certain that in 2016 will give birth to Amal Alamuddin George Clooney child. “This marriage is well thought out. Signed not one contract, discussed lots of conditions and obligations. But despite all the background, George happy. And let the marriage more of convenience, than for love, the child the couple will,” he predicted the winner of “Battle of psychics”.

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