Дети Жасмин переживают за отца Little Margaret and Myron support Ilan Shor. Jasmine admits that while kids don’t understand all that is happening in their family. Son and daughter are attentive to the Pope, as well as exhibit tenderness in fellowship with him.
Дети Жасмин переживают за отца

In late June, the family of the singer Jasmine was shocked – artist husband, businessman Ilan Shor was sentenced to seven and a half years of imprisonment in a colony. The celebrity believes in the innocence of her husband and hopes that they will be able to defend the truth. Soon the couple intend to challenge the court’s decision and preparing for the next hearings.

Jasmine came to the festival “Heat” in Baku without children are now the heirs of the artist are in Moldova next to grandma and dad. The actress admitted that the five-year Margarita and little Myron, who was born in April of last year, still do not understand what is happening in their family. However, according to the singer, they are all on a subconscious level, so try to support dad.

“Margaret worries for him, she still feels and loves. In early July, when I brought children in Moldova, Miron directly to him reached out, put his head on my shoulder, kissed him. I have goosebumps ran. And Margaret said, “Daddy, I want you were all the time near me!” We live in different countries, it’s hard, but we cope. It only makes us stronger,” said Jasmine “StarHit”.

After Ilan Shor was convicted, Jasmine began to worry about the health of the spouse. The man was not present at the hearing when he read out the court decision due to the fact that the day before he became ill. The actress said that now his condition has improved markedly. Jasmine: “the husband has a heart problem”

“Ilana all is well, all is getting better. However, he has a weak heart, so we try not to upset him in any way, at least, we are home. We are supported by a huge number of people, I’m grateful to all of them. They are always there. This is not only my avid friends and relatives, but also many colleagues from show-business,” shared Jasmine with “StarHit”.

It is not known when will be held the following hearings on the case of Ilan Shor. Jasmine hopes that the lawyers wife will be able to do anything to prove his innocence. “Nothing is impossible, my husband and I know he’s innocent, and I hope that we will be heard”, concluded the artist.