Борисова готова помочь Кафельниковой преодолеть зависимость The presenter continues to struggle with addictions. In a new video Dana Borisova has provided support to the daughter of the famous tennis player, who, according to media reports, taking psychotropic substances. The star of “Army shop” can share with a girl her experience in overcoming the problem.

Dana Borisova is not shy to talk about addiction with which she fights for a few months while in Thailand. Today, the young woman decided to support another celebrity who appeared in a difficult life situation. The presenter addressed directly to Kafelnikov Ales, sharing with her own unpleasant experience.

Ales Kafelnikov landed in a scandal with drugs

“I read online that you have a trouble, you got sick. I’m willing to support, you can call me and we’ll talk about the problem and how to solve it,” Dana turned to alesa.

The father of a young model, Yevgeny Kafelnikov shared with fans of the disturbing news concerning his daughter. He said that the girl had a drug problem. “I was in hell! The future life begins to lose meaning” – wrote the athlete on Twitter.

Earlier Kafelnikov said that he could no longer keep feelings to yourself. He urged fans to help him with advice.

“I failed father! That’s the worst for any parent to realize this fact. But I don’t deserve this”, – said Eugene.

Dana Borisova sure Ales can help, but it must be done now. The presenter openly said that he was taking drugs for so long, due to the function now has no way to communicate with the child. However, the young woman is grateful to Andrey Malakhov and Nikita Lushnikov for what they helped her get rid of the addiction.

The fans divided into two camps. Many of them came to the conclusion that Borisov did the right thing, reaching out to the girl, entangled in itself. However, there were also those fans, who condemned the star for such activity. In their view, the presenter should not meddle in the Affairs of another family.

Alesya subscribers in Instagram, and used to blame it on. According to them, in many pictures the girl looks unhealthy and exhausted.

She Kafelnikov said that she doesn’t use psychotropic substances. She believes that the father is trying to tarnish her reputation.

Recall that a few weeks ago a girl got in a huge fight with a famous relative and has blocked him access to your “Instagram”. Fans are confident that the conflict between Eugene and his heir happened because of problems with illicit drugs.