Vitaly Gogunsky: “my wife broke gossip”

Виталий Гогунский: «Нас с женой рассорили сплетни» The actor spoke about the problems in the family. Vitaly Gogunska and his fiancee managed to overcome the crisis in relations. Thanks to the wisdom and patience the pair could reunite and become happier. “StarHit” talked with Vitaly Gogunsky and find out what has changed in his life after the wedding.
Виталий Гогунский: «Нас с женой рассорили сплетни»

Star of TV series “Univer” on TNT channel holds it’s summer at the dacha outside Moscow with his wife Irina and their 7-year-old daughter Milana. “I’m looking for, as said Ostap Bender, 400 fair way to do nothing, – said Vitaly with “StarHit”. – Try to relax. Start the day with, go out on the street and a few minutes of just standing on the porch and breathe. From fresh air immediately lifted the mood. Then take the Ottoman and lie down to sunbathe next to his wife – she gets up early, and my awakening is already taking sun baths. For the second winter I’m at the cottage every morning, with snow wiping – during this time, in fact never was.”

From “duvet covers” henpecked

Do not run? Lucky!
Виталий Гогунский: «Нас с женой рассорили сплетни»Well, no, of course, I not only have a rest, and try to deal with things. I bought the cottage piano, to Milan, studied music, and I worked. Preparing with his wife to the presentation of our production center, La Familia, it will sound two songs sung by the daughters, one the wife, plus a Patriotic song to the Day of the Russian flag. And I want to engage in the production of cartoons, but it’s too early to say. How it will work – will tell.—
You recently turned 39. How did you celebrate?
Виталий Гогунский: «Нас с женой рассорили сплетни»It was the best birthday. I wanted to celebrate it with his wife and friends at our favorite restaurant “Mosfilm”, but the thing who I didn’t call, everyone said that can’t come… I’m not too surprised at this, and it is clear: summer… Already used not to celebrate the holiday. While in school, gather your friends was impossible, all went back to the camps. Sing with grandma cake – that’s all mark. And when he grew up, realized that and now celebrate: in July all friends on vacation abroad. So I decided with Irina silently sit together. And imagine my surprise when, should go to the restaurant, I saw all my friends! It turns out that the Ira for the month before the holiday we have agreed with them that they will come, but I will say that you can’t. Of course, I was very happy because some of the loved ones not seen for a year. However, closer to 10 PM Ira and I began to miss Milan. I’m so used to it that my two girls are always there that without them you feel uncomfortable.

Than like my daughter to do together?
Виталий Гогунский: «Нас с женой рассорили сплетни»Yes to all. Yesterday, for example, a Girl I cake with strawberry jam fed – I’ve baked it myself, you know? A grandmother Tatyana Sergeevna, mother’s mother, a fish pie, I too vzhuh and ate. We all love to eat, pilaf on fire often do. Soon the oven will finish completely back to Russian traditions.

As your family responsibilities around the house? Who bread goes, who is taking out the trash?
Виталий Гогунский: «Нас с женой рассорили сплетни»I used a “duvet cover” was – loved to sleep, and now has become a professional henpecked, or, as now fashionable to say, “Louboutin”. The wife asks, then do it. However, it appeals to me only in the case when she fails, when you need wardrobe or move heavy packages from store to convey. From the rest I released.—
It happens to swear?
Very rarely, mainly because of work. For example, I write a song, Ira says, they say, I don’t like. I’m trying to explain to her that this is not the final product, it still needs to reduce, Refine. But she doesn’t understand… And in the beginning of the relationship constantly fighting, mainly because psevdodruzey that we about each other all sorts of stories were told. And when parted (Vitaly and Irina seven years after the birth of Milan were not together, and the 25th of April this year I got married), and all help started. People are not too lazy to ruin our lives, to call me to lie about Ira, then call her and talk nonsense about me. Correctly say: while the truth puts on pants, the lie is already halfway around the world walked. As well, we realised that we are trying to embroil due to basic human envy and we belong to each other. Moreover, we have such a wonderful daughter – with their girls and I’m the happiest.