Maksim on the day they become homeless

МакSим на сутки стала бомжом The actress tried to help passers-by. The star was spotted on the street in a very strange way — with a dirty face and rags. “StarHit” to find out what it involves. It turned out, Maksim shoots new video in which show how little a man needs for happiness.
МакSим на сутки стала бомжом

A small village in the suburbs, in the middle of the day outside sitting singer in worn clothes, with a dirty face with matted hair, and lying next to the plaid bag. Celebrity as if nothing had happened bites, until she finds out a passing woman.

МакSим на сутки стала бомжом“She wanted me to shelter, that was so touching, – says Maksim with “StarHit”. Even began to defend. We did the video, I was in makeup… Colleagues decided to photograph the image on the memory. The stranger became angry, why do people scoff at the homeless, they say, shame on you.”

During the day passers-by than once wondered: “do you really Mack?”

“The idea of Director Vadim Shatrov was a big surprise for me, – says the singer. But when I saw who will be reincarnated, took a chance. With my partner on a platform Alexey to work was a pleasure. In the image there is no dirt, negative. Rather, it is the story of merry vagabonds, lovers who are content with little, paying attention only to the feelings between them. The idea of the video is to show that whoever you were, if the next closest person, all will be well.”

МакSим на сутки стала бомжом

Fans of the actress will be able to see it very soon. Shortly before the filming of subscribers in social networks Maksim wondered what could be her fresh clip. Apparently, the idea of the singer and her team will really surprise the audience and surpass the expectations of fans.