В Чикаго убили звезду шоу «Голос» Алехандро Фуэнтесу

It’s just an invasion of some kind! Last Saturday in Chicago, Illinois, took the life of another star of the American musical show “the Voice” Alejandro Fuentes< /strong>. According to Chicago Times, the singer was shot during the attempted robbery or attempted carjacking, the police considers two versions.

45-year-old performer along with friends sat in a car when an unknown person ran up to him with weapons. Fuentes was hospitalized with a gunshot wound, but soon died in hospital without regaining consciousness injury was too severe.

The investigating authorities fulfill some versions, among the possible motives for the crime – a car theft or robbery. The suspect is wanted.

Recall that in the last two weeks it already the second murder of a member of the musical project. June 10, was killed by Christina Grimmie. The girl was shot during an autograph session after the concert. To her, allegedly for autograph came a young man. Code came his turn, he calmly pulled out a gun and shot the singer in the head. She died at the scene from his injuries. Brother 22-year-old Christina tried to apprehend the killer, but he shot the same gun and died.

After it became known, the man killed the singer because of unrequited love. He couldn’t accept the fact that the girl started Dating a young man and decided to kill her.

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