Анфиса Чехова бесплатно раздает одежду

Anfisa Chekhov recently less ordinary began to appear at various receptions, events and parties, because, according to the star, a part of the wardrobe now she nick something. Chekhov decided to unload the Cabinet and is now handing out things for free. Auction Anfisa arranged on the page in a social network, where he published a picture of what wishes to get rid of.

Анфиса Чехова бесплатно раздает одежду

While the followers Chekhova happy, her dog of breed Chihuahua is in mourning. And all because the closet Anfisa cleans their things, and outfits from little Tiffany.

In the picture, which published Chekhov, you can see a lot of interesting models, which certainly will appeal to those who love to dress their Pets. Soft pink dresses with a skirt-tutu, denim overalls outfit in the style of Minnie mouse, complete sets with fun prints and slogans — sets can be received by any subscriber of the star.

“Friends, because my Chihuahua Tiffany for several years, has ceased to lead a secular life and to go out, that’s all these gorgeous fashionable outfits for several years gathering dust in a box, nobody is! And I believe that things are created to bring delight to anyone!” – explained the star.

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