На премьере «Алиса в Зазеркалье» с Джонни Деппом заподозрили теракт

A month after the premiere of the continuation of the film adaptation of tales by Lewis Caroll “Alice in Wonderland” — “Alice in Wonderland”, became aware of the incident that nearly derailed the event.

The police suspected that the presentation of the film should take place a attack, which can hurt all the Hollywood actors and ordinary people, the fans.

The threat of terrorism suspected law enforcement officers who were present at the premiere. They noticed that right above the Dolby theater Theater he flew the drone, which no one is warned.

The police suggested that the drone can be asked of a bomb or other substances that can harm health, it was decided to evacuate the platform in front of the Dolby Theater all present.

The order was in force until, has not yet been established the identity of the owner of the aircraft.
Police determined that the owner of the drone is a 31-year-old man, who was driving the car from the garage near the Dolby Theater. Apparently, the man just wanted to earn some money on selling frames from premiere press.

The punishment for a man and threatens if at all, is not specified.

Note that this incident was ignored due to the fact that just before the premiere of “Alice in Wonderland” johnny Depp’s wife amber heard has filed for divorce. By the way, a marital dispute heard and Depp, the producers of “Alice” blame the fact that the picture failed at the box office. Is this true is hard to say, but disassembly of the couple are still ongoing.

For example, last week, amber admitted that he wants Depp to be punished by the fullest extent of the law for what he allegedly beat her for some time.

Evidence heard are photographs in which she is shown with bruises and abrasions on her face. Their authenticity has not yet been estimated.

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