Кристен Стюарт познакомила свою девушку с отцом

The second attempt, which Kristen Stewart gave the relationship with Alicia Kargil, was more successful than the first.

The reunion of the couple was held for a few days before the Cannes film festival, and already at the festival, Kristen and Alicia came out holding hands. This gesture spoke about the affair girls better than any of their comments.

Today it became known that the relationship Stuart and Kargil are becoming more serious. The star of “the Twilight Saga” even introduced his beloved with his father John Stewart.

Despite the swings that are observed in the relations of the girls, the Stuart family more than serious about Kargil and considers her part of his family.

We will remind that recently Kristen Stewart broke up with actress and singer Stephanie Sokolinski, known under the name of Soko. According to rumors, the girl was very upset by the breakup with the actress and was even on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


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