Честер Хэнкс в очередной раз признался, что является изгоем в своей звездной семье

Честер Хэнкс в очередной раз признался, что является изгоем в своей звездной семье

Chester Hanks — the son of a famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, has a history of character and far from the ideals of its star family. The other day a guy posted a photo of the black sheep among the white, and signed the post as: “that’s what it means to be me.” Why the guy came to this conclusion and what prompted him to plead outcast?

29-year-old Chester Hanks has repeatedly called himself the “black sheep” in the family. And all because he constantly gets into a nasty scandal. In addition to the guy passed courses of rehabilitation from drug addiction. At the moment he is completely healthy and he likes rapping in their own group. The guy has been very active in Instagram, shows his fascination with weapons, demonstrates naked body in new tattoo and talks about becoming a singer.

The scandalous behavior of Chester is often discussed in the network. The latest news, which was vigorously debated by the public, became his post that the word “Negro” he can eat when he wants and where he wants.

His huge family has achieved great heights in her acting career. Parents completely gave his life to acting, the same path went the eldest son of star parents, but the daughter became a famous writer. That is why Chester stands out from family and constantly calls himself a “white crow”.

This year Tom Hanks received a Golden globe statuette in his speech referred to children, saying that they are all wiser and stronger than their father. Although Tom has always shared his children into senior and Junior, assuring that the youngest are bad manners.

Chester is the youngest son Thomas, born from his second wife Rita Walton. Winner of the “Oscar” recognizes that his two eldest children were born in that moment, when he was still a nobody, they lived poorly and simply. But Chester and his brother were born at the height of his career the parents, therefore, education and perception of children’s world is very different. Childhood of Chester was held in a huge mansion in Hollywood, he was always surrounded by rich friends, and have visited all parts of the world. However, to get back on the acting path he was going, only at the age of 17 years, the guy performed first minor role in the Comedy “Bratz”.

However, Chester has always admitted that she loves her parents, and the education proper.

Chester performed a few episodic roles in famous paintings, but he was always fascinated by rap and singing songs on stage.

At 16 years of age, the guy first tried cocaine and became an addict. After graduating from College, it went very bad rumors, that’s when the young man admitted that he is a drug addict for more than 8 years. He on his own initiative completed a rehabilitation course with a duration of 50 days. But it didn’t help the rap artist and after some time he was sued for an accident in a condition of narcotic intoxication. After he trashed the hotel room, removing from the wall a huge TV and hitting him on the floor. In the same period of life, the guy posted a photo on Instagram with two pistols in his hands, which also caused a storm of negative comments.

In 2015, Chester has gone missing from social networking and scandalous news, there were rumors that he even stolen. However, after he personally told me that once again undergoing rehabilitation, and from that moment he became fully healthy and is independent of the drugs.

The rapper started to get into motorcycles as well as went to the gym. Star his parents fully supported in all endeavors. But most of all, his world turned the birth of his daughter.

In 2018, the guy made a public statement in which he apologized for the use of the word “Nigger”. He was justified by the fact that he was a drug addict and tried to draw public attention to his person.

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