Кайли Дженнер устроила очаровательную фотосессию

Kylie Jenner and Stormy Webster went to the driveway, to begin a charming photo shoot with my daughter. In addition to kiss each other, the girls were posing in stylish Sunnis have Stormy even had a mini”Louis Vuitton” in hand.
22-year-old Kylie Jenner and Stormy Webster, 23 months. In the warm embrace of each other precious photos, where Kylie shared in your story in Instagram on January 15. Photo shoot was still in progress and should continue. Team mom-daughter changed her mood, wearing sunglasses cat-eye, Stormy white, Kylie in black; by signing the most rigid inscription on the photo! “Don’t ever talk to me or my daughter,” Kylie boldly signed photograph.
Outfits Kylie and Stormy had the same level of glamour: Stormy looked though tiny, but very strict and influential person in a black print t-shirt and shorts to relax, in conjunction with the silver Cuban chain and mini bag with monogram “Louis Vuitton”. Meanwhile, Kylie looked like a billionaire, is she wearing a turtleneck with a color print with colored crescents: a rare find of exquisite style!

On the same day, Kylie took Stormy to celebrate the second birthday of Chicago West at the party your cousin on the theme of Minnie mouse! In honor of the beloved disney character Kim Kardashian, Stormy got the painting of faces Minnie mouse, and she proved that she is an artist while drawing. Party in honor of the birth of Chicago could double as a tea party in the Victorian style, if not a giant cake Minnie mouse in the center of a girl’s Desk – by the way, it was the wish of most Chicago! Kylie happily recorded the celebration of her niece in its history in Instagram, which further excited us second birthday Stormy, which will take place just two weeks (2 Feb). We know that Kylie planned a spectacular event for the second birthday Stormy — “Stormiworld 2”, as celebrities have this issue deals with the professional in the organization of such party, mindy Weiss, who will embody the vision of the great day Stormy.

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Despite the fact that she runs a multimillion-dollar Empire make-up, Kylie never misses a moment to spend time eye to eye with her daughter, as you can see in her Instagram Story. “She blooms and thrives not only as a mother, and although her help Babysitting, she is very practical, changing diapers and delivers Stormy in the local Park” — as stated by a source close to Kylie. “She notices, as she often takes a walk with Stormy in their toy cars or in a wheelchair next to the bodyguard a few times a week.”

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