Во Франции состоится первая персональная выставка Бритни Спирс

Во Франции состоится первая персональная выставка Бритни Спирс

In the French town of Figeac, in the art gallery held the first solo exhibition of Britney Spears. To get to the event will be on Saturday January 18. This statement was made by the gallery Sympa, very surprised and pleased fans of the singer.

Why is it in this French city Britney decided to hold its first exhibition, how she got involved with the gallery and other details unknown. However, journalists believe that the title “Sometimes you just have to play” (so called fair) is really in the spirit of the singer.

Recently, Spears has revealed on the official page in Instagram, as she paints pictures on the terrace of his house. That is how the picture presented in her video is the main exhibit of the exhibition in France. However, the interesting fact remains that this painting, which depicts a Lily from the garden of the singer, was sold a few months ago at an auction in Los Angeles. The amount of the lot is $ 10 thousand dollars. Buyer of works of art of the singer became famous host Robin Lynch. It is also known that the auction was a charity and all funds received were transferred to the victims of the shelling of the music festival.

Of course found in the network of haters that wrote negative reviews about this exhibition. Many do not consider the picture of Britney Spears real art, the thing in its popularity. Only through the glory singer the gallery has agreed to host the exhibition. The celebrity no comments on this matter were not given and no official confirmation from representatives of Britney is also no.

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