Виктория Дайнеко в бешенстве от флирта подруги с ее мужем The actress checked the phone of Dmitry Kleiman and found it weird pictures friend. The girl spouse sent the singer a picture of your breast in close-up. To understand the situation, angry Dayneko caused a loved one for a Frank conversation.

      Виктория Дайнеко в бешенстве от флирта подруги с ее мужем

      Recently, 29-year-old singer Victoria Dayneko decided to see the phone of a spouse and found in the gadget compromising his material. As it turned out, 22-year-old Dmitry Kleiman stored in the smartphone shots of a friend of the singer. Angry Dayneko immediately demanded his explanation for the strange photos.

      “Briefly about female friendship. With the permission of her husband flipped through the photos in his phone and seen the deleted photos Boobs for my girlfriend’s closeup. Ask what it is. Says she to him a new blouse boasted. In General, I called her for our wedding. Reason… a budding drummer, but now my girlfriend. Sorry, to me their jackets are not bragging,” said Victoria Daineko in his Instagram.

      Publication celebrity caused a great stir among her fans. They began to discuss whether there is female friendship, and whether the act of the beloved Dayneko treason. Followers of Victoria also remembered the stories from his life. “One of my married friend says girlfriend even at the same table with her husband should not get without a serious reason”, “What do people with education? How can I send to another person this kind of pictures? Especially the friend’s husband. Maybe she made a mistake?”, “It is important that your significant other does not bragging to other women,” was discussed by the fans of the singer.

      The BC responded to a few comments to clarify the situation. She stated that on the debated picture breast her friend is not fully exposed. In the pictures, sent the husband of Victoria, forms a drum major, shot close-up, fits snugly cardigan. However, the fact that a friend of the actress has decided to please her lover this kind of message, inspires reflection. Apparently, after some time Dayneko still managed to figure out what actually happened – the star has deleted an angry post on Instagram.

      We will remind that Victoria Dayneko and musician Dmitry Kleiman were married in April 2015. In the picture published by Victoria on Instagram, she’s wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet of flowers, and next to the actress is her choice. Check the lovers took place in Kutuzovsky registry office. In October of the same year the star gave birth to a charming girl. Victoria Dayneko mind that the husband is younger than her