Александр Гордон знал жену еще ребенком The presenter saw his future wife when she was little. Alexander Gordon two years ago has linked his life with Nosoi Abdullayeva first, who’s younger than his thirty years. Now the couple are raising a son Alexander and waiting for the imminent addition to the family.

      In 2014 the famous TV presenter Alexander Gordon connected his life with a young student Nesoi Abdullayeva first. Despite the age difference more than 30 years, the lovers seem very happy and enjoying married life. Two years ago the couple had a son Alexander, and soon the young mother will give their partner a baby. The young wife of Alexander Gordon is expecting her second child

      In the program of Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all” Alexander told that the first time I saw the LCM for more than ten years ago, when she was just a child.

      “There was a funny incident. I took a picture of my first “Shepherd of his cows”, and the scoring took place in one small Studio on Krasnaya Presnya. Grandpa Nosy ibid sounded, and he wanted children’s voices. He cited the LCM and her brother Junior. After the change out, two Tajik child was sitting. I said, “Hey, kids!” They look at me with bad eyes. Many years later we remembered it and it turned out that my wife first saw at the age of nine or ten years”, – said the presenter.

      Alexander Gordon is confident that between him and his wife a sincere love, in which there is no place for calculation and greed. He hopes that NASA chose it, not because of the loud name and fame.

      “She didn’t know who I am because I didn’t watch TV,” admitted Alexander.

      Despite the age difference, he’s not trying to be a mentor for his wife and something to teach her. Even the fact that the young woman chose the same field of activity as her partner, and who graduated from VGIK, Alexander allows himself only to give advice in some detail.

      In matters of child rearing, Gordon fully trusts his wife. He noticed that the boy behaves differently with him, mother and nanny. Alexander much allows his heir, as it believes that the more time his son will carry with Nosoi.

      “I’m at that age, we have such a difference with a child I can not raise him, and to indulge. Let mom be a beast, and I like that. Her to live with him, the path brings. They will bury me,” said Alexander Julia Menshovoj.