Cheryl Cole talks with her husband via e-mail

Виктория Дайнеко общается с мужем по электронной почте

Famous Russian singer Victoria Daineko prefers to write her husband letters. Artist for the first time openly spoke about what is happening in her family life. This is due to false rumors disseminated by the media.

Victoria is married to drummer Dmitry Kleiman and educates his child. Unfortunately, the appearance of the first-born in the light not brought together spouses and even Vice versa. They began to quarrel and live for several months strikes.
According to Victoria, for the last year with her husband, they spent more time apart than together, and the last six months and not living together. Dayneko and wouldn’t talk about it, if not frequently appear in the media false information.
The singer said that in recent years they have too often quarreled with her husband, and occasionally the family scandals, ended with the departure of Kleiman from home.
“Well, I have nowhere to go, I’m home with the child, where shall I go? Once in the shower, then time to go I can’t leave the house because my husband is annoying. So he always went. I don’t think we spent more time apart this year than together,” said Victoria. First her husband left for three days, then a week, and then – for just a month gone.
“Probably living alone he had to taste” — says the singer.
Despite the fact that Dmitry’s missing daughter, the mother of the kid he actually communicates. Dayneko admits that they can’t even exchange TEXT messages, not to talk on the phone.

“All of our conversations necessarily end with quarrels, and when you rewrite the letters, it is possible not to answer immediately, but words to think..” said Victoria.
Recently Daineko asked Kleiman to behave wisely and is not giving interviews no hitting anyone, at least for the sake of their daughter, but Dmitry found something to complain about and the conversation ended with mutual accusations and insults.
We will remind that Victoria married the drummer in April 2015, and that their idyllic relationship is over. The couple spends virtually no time together, although he is still legally husband and wife.