Kyle MacLachlan on the set of “twin Peaks”

Кайл Маклахлен  о съёмках «Твин Пикс»

Actor Kyle MacLachlan has admitted that returning to the role of agent Dale Cooper for the upcoming revival of the TV series “twin Peaks” was more difficult than he expected. So he appealed for help to David Lynch.

“Honestly, I did not immediately accustomed to the role of agent Cooper” MacLachlan said in an interview with Radio Times– “still, the last time I had seen 26 years ago in 1991. I’m not used to this character, and I was hard again to get into his skin. I asked for the help of David Lynch, and during the filming was just off my emotions and listened to what he says.”

Recall that David Lynch did not immediately agree to make a continuation of the mystical series, so popular in the early 90s. Fans of the TV show and the crew even organized a campaign, calling on Lynch to sit in the Director’s chair again. However, his decision was influenced by rather an increase of the fee, than all those snotty request. Whatever it was, the producers promised us one more interesting and a bit odd show.