Виктория Дайнеко помирилась с бывшим мужем The singer posted an eloquent video, looking at which the conclusion is obvious: Cheryl Cole has reconciled with her ex-husband. The ex-wife more than six months were in a state of cold war.
Виктория Дайнеко помирилась с бывшим мужем

Singer Victoria Dayneko and musician Dmitry Kleiman were married in April three years ago, and in the autumn of 2015, are the parents of – the couple had a daughter Lydia. But the marriage was short-lived and last detom artists announced the divorce.

For fans of the separation of Victoria and Dmitri was a surprise, and for the former spouses was logical. Anyway, judging by the words of Kleiman, their life together was not happy.

Ex-husband of Victoria Dayneko revealed the horrors of family life with the singer

Dmitry said, demanding what was his famous wife.

“Had to literally be torn to pieces, becoming a nanny, housekeeper and breadwinner. By the time became a bit more money for two decades guy very good money. But the “stars” Victoria Dayneko was that scale? Tried more time to spend with his family. Washing floors, dishes, cooking, changing daughter’s diapers, rocked her for hours, rocking on the fitball. And in the evening was full concerts, more time to tour,” – said the ex-husband of Victoria Dayneko.
Виктория Дайнеко помирилась с бывшим мужем

The pair failed to maintain good relations after the divorce. At first they both stated that they agreed to take turns spending time with her daughter, so she got the attention of both parents. And then Kleiman told reporters that misses her child and all Victoria does not give him and his parents, former father-in-law and mother-in-law, to communicate with Lida. Victoria admitted to “StarHit” that publicly expressed resentment ex-husband really hurt her.

“Honestly, I burst into tears of resentment not so much for himself, for his daughter, which once it’s all read. I’m not going to comment on anything. I did nothing, I regret, in addition to the marriage. Could save a lot of nerve cells themselves. And daughter would not witness the horror that was happening on her eyes,” – said Victoria “StarHit”.

However, it seems relations between the former spouses work out. In any case, such a conclusion we can safely draw from the stories of Instagram, Victoria Daineko. There were temporary video, which is very similar to Dmitry Kleiman, a young man walking with a child.

By the way, after the divorce of Victoria, nor Dmitry his personal life is not arranged, although she attributed the affair with the hockey player Grigory Panin, and he publicly admitted a love of beauty. But BC has denied all the gossip about the novels, and Dmitry has deleted all photos with the new girl.