Последний бой: врачи вернули зрение ветерану войны May 9 marks 73 years since the victory in the great Patriotic war. Veterans that gave us the peaceful sky over your head, there are very few. So any good news about them is a joy. The doctors of Tyumen took a chance and gave sight to Valentina Moravian.
Последний бой: врачи вернули зрение ветерану войны

“Now not afraid of anything, know that all will be well”, – says Valentina Moravian from Tyumen. In 89 rear hard worker decided on surgery to see a newborn great-granddaughter.

Valentina Andreevna used to complain about health. She grew up during the war, though not fought on the front, but remembers all too well the bitter childhood as a 13-year-old girl began to help their Homeland, starving, received a saving of 100 grams of bread, however, eat they could not.

Последний бой: врачи вернули зрение ветерану войны

Since then, she’s not asking for help. Even after her husband died in 2005 and completely lost his eyesight ten years, continued to live a full life. In the morning, always making his porridge. Waiting for one of three daughters raised the kettle, set the table. The granddaughter brought the choices, which grandma didn’t see. The guys helped like putting notches on the switches plate – so Valentina Andreevna been easier to prepare.

“His hands warm… a Good man. Marry him, Kate”, said grandma, blessing for the wedding.

Valentine resigned to blindness. But that all changed with the birth of my little granddaughter. “When Yulia was born, my mom wanted to see her, to hold – shares daughter Tamara. – Mom told me, saying, heard on TV, as he helped the woman with the same vision problem”.

After the consultation, the doctors were not encouraging, and in the family, though not uttered aloud, but almost didn’t believe that grandma will see the light.

“She was the so-called Mature stage of cataract when the lens becomes milky white, which worsens the course of the intervention, and the forecast says ophthalmologist Gregory Symonenko. – The operation went well, I implanted an artificial lens. Vision was restored to the level that is possible in this age. The next day Valentina Andreevna saw the faces of his family”.
Последний бой: врачи вернули зрение ветерану войны

Just a couple of days later, grandmother and granddaughter stared at each other. “Around the noise, noise, and the girl suddenly stopped, – says Tamara Smirnova. – Five minutes the two stared at each other, anyone not paying attention. Mom even facial expression changed: he was wearing a and the joy that she sees Yulia and almost childlike enthusiasm…”

Now each day brings a pensioner, a new surprise: long bought the cloth seems new, city over the last 13 years has changed beyond recognition – in place of the wooden houses there were skyscrapers. Valentina Andreevna goes to rest at the cottage and don’t forget about women’s joys: selects the dress for 90 th birthday wants to celebrate in a big way, with family and friends.