Cheryl Cole has faced difficulties in finding babysitters

Виктория Дайнеко столкнулась с трудностями при поиске няни Singer makes high demands on the man trusted daughter. Cheryl Cole believes that a good governess harder to find than a life partner. Star believes that couples first need to find a babysitter, and then have children.

      Singer Cheryl Cole together with her husband Dmitry Kleiman raising an eight month old daughter. Victoria Dayneko family urgently moved in with her parents

      Star almost immediately after the birth of the heiress returned to active work. The vocalist came on stage, when her daughter was not yet two months. Of course, to help a young mother came to nurse. But as it turned out, with the selection of staff at Victoria Daineko there was a huge difficulty. For more than a year the star was not able to find the perfect Mary Poppins for your beloved baby. The singer came to the conclusion that finding a good babysitter is more difficult than her husband. Too many requirements to be met by people you can trust of a child. Your thoughts on this Victoria Dayneko shared with subscribers microblog.

      “Find a babysitter is harder than finding a life partner. I’m just desperate and don’t know when I met the most perfect Mary Poppins. And recommendations of friends and even agencies do not help. It’s the same as watching the guy through friends of friends or on a Dating site. Everything seems fine, but not that. I believe that couples in the family planning centers must first pick the perfect nanny and then have children do” – to such conclusion Dayneko after a long search.

      Your post touched the singer’s fans for a living. They immediately entered into a discussion on the topic of nannies. Many give advice to Victoria in search of a housekeeper, someone offers their services for the upbringing of her daughter. Made themselves felt and the haters. They predictably said that the child must deal with the mother or, at worst, grandma. The star could not resist, and in the next post said everything he thinks about such advisers.

      “I love these comments about my unsuccessful search of a nanny. What is it, say, you’re child is not doing? Or that grandparents are not doing? I’m so funny, guys! I also want to live in your world! I also want to live on the planet where you and the child all need to head showered, refrigerators, cabinets are filled and provide everything you could desire. From the height of the flight, of course, to blame the mom that doesn’t deal with child looking for some kind of aunt. But unfortunately in real life, even if your child is accompanied by and work, it is very difficult to perform without distraction from the person you love most in the world. Always need someone around, who will keep you company while the mother is trying to implement the possibility of a better life for his family,” answered the spiteful critics praise.