Алия Мустафина перестала скрывать округлившийся животик Expectant mother happy posing for photographers. A pregnant aliyah Mustafina captured during the competitions in Kazan. Olympic champion in gymnastics, and her husband, bobsledder Alexey Zaytsev will become parents this summer.

      The winner of the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, gymnast Aliya Mustafina is preparing to become a mother for the first time. Pregnancy athletes declassified her father, the future proud grandpa. In January of this year, Farhat akhatovich told the public that his daughter will give him a grandchild coming this summer. Aliya Mustafina will be the first time mom

      The very same Aliya Mustafina and her husband, bobsledder Alexey Zaytsev prefer not to publicly comment on the subject of replenishment of the family. And in his “Instagrame” alia doesn’t want to attract undue attention to the fact of impending motherhood. For publications in the microblog gymnast tries to choose such photos, looking on which it is difficult to suspect her pregnancy. It makes any portrait shots, or finds some camera angles that show her growing tummy.

      However, pregnancy cannot be kept secret indefinitely. Specifically it happened or not, but one of the friends, the athletes Aliya Mustafina has unveiled its rounded shape. Gymnast Emin Garibov tweeted a photo taken during the Russian championship in gymnastics, which is being held in Kazan. In the company of other athletes it depicts and beautiful Aliya Mustafina. Unlike his colleagues, captured the Olympic champion not in shape, and the spacious dress for expectant mothers.

      “Aliya, it seems, is waiting for replenishment!”, “Oh, Aliya pregnant”, “I am so happy for Aliya, very soon we will be waiting for good news!”, “What a tummy already big” – immediately began to discuss the obvious fact that subscribers microblog Emma Garibova.

      Recall that the wedding Aliya Mustafina and Alexei Zaitsev took place in November last year. It was attended by only relatives and friends of the couple. The celebration took place in Krasnodar. About happy event in the life of famous athletes became known through social networks. In the Internet appeared the first photos from the ceremony. The photographs, which pleased fans of aliyah and Alexis, they look happy and peaceful. Fans rushed to congratulate them with a change in marital status.