Виктория Дайнеко попала в аварию на дороге
The singer scratched his luxury cars.

Виктория Дайнеко попала в аварию на дороге

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Photo: Instagram/Stories

Not a good morning was Victoria Daineko. The singer went about their business in the South-West of Moscow, suddenly at her side “Audi” drove the car “Peugeot”. The blow was quite notable, but with the fact that nothing terrible happened: the singer was wearing a seat belt.

“My first accident in 10 years!” commented Daineko the situation.

By the way, get out of the car at first, Victoria could not: a driver’s door, on which the blow fell, it was damaged so much that even did not open. Had the girl to get out of the car through the passenger door. The drivers (there were three: “Audi”, “Peugeot” and taxi economy class) immediately called the traffic police, the inspectors of which would understand the situation and found the cause of the accident.

“It’s strange, but our call came, the police, and one uncle in the civil machine and generally not in the form of a policeman — shared doubts about Daineko. — I’m not the most experienced person in these matters, but it seemed that all must be otherwise”.

Just in case the singer was all shot on camera, in the event of a dispute she had something to prove his innocence.