Энрике Иглесиас впервые рассказал о новорожденных детях
The singer made a touching confession.

Энрике Иглесиас впервые рассказал о новорожденных детях

Enrique Iglesias and Anna kournikova


Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, who
recently became parents for the first time, some times shared with the fans
photos of newborn babies. However, musician and tennis player has not yet
comment on happy changes in their lives.

At a recent concert in Budapest Iglesias did
exception: from the stage, he told the fans about the children and his girlfriend.

“About 12 weeks ago I became a father — shared
Enrique. And with absolute certainty can you name the two most important things is
love children, very much I love them. Actually three things: I love my
girl and love the hell out of you guys that came today!”

Shortly before that, the mother of singer — Isabel Preysler said: “My son
extremely happy. And his children just could not be better. In addition, they
grow phenomenally fast!” And sister Enrique Tamara told
for someone like the twins. She reported that Lucy had inherited his blond hair and
the blue eyes of his mother Anna. In this case, Nicholas, whose family name is “Niko”,
much darker than his sister, and his hair is almost the same
dark, like her father. And brother of singer Julio admiringly told that
Enrique is just an amazing father.

Recall that
Enrique and his girlfriend Anna became parents, it became known in the middle
Dec. Moreover, the news surprised everyone. After all, almost nobody, except the
close friends and relatives of the couple did not even know that Anna was pregnant. She managed
somehow all 9 months of hiding from the paparazzi. Moreover, according to
the mother of the singer, Kournikova allegedly not hiding on purpose. “She just kept quiet
home life…” — said Isabel. As previously reported, Anna and Enrique,
who began Dating in 2001, well
prepared for the appearance of children: while Kournikova was carrying twins, they
had a reconstruction of his home in Miami, making it completely safe for

Enrique Iglesias with a child