Cheating husband: Lenin defended the “abandoned” Larisa Dolina

Измена мужа: Ленина выступила в защиту «брошенной» Ларисы Долиной
The Network rapidly discuss her breakup with llya Specimem.

Larisa Dolina Ilya Spitsyn


Soon the First channel will be released edition of the program “Let speak” about the breakup Larisa Dolina with her third husband. Herself a folk artist in the Studio does not appear, however, to discuss details of her personal life were invited to star Valley colleagues, and her former husband Victor Mitasov.

The guests were invited to the Studio in order to deal with the rumors, to “walk” in secular circles that the current spouse Larisa Alexandrovna, Ilya Spitsin threw the artist. He, according to some sources, allegedly has long been cheating on her, and after Valley alone has noted 62-letie, talking about the fact that he finally left his wife.

Lena Lenina made the filming of the program in defense of the “abandoned” Valley. She is sure that information about the infidelities of her husband — dirty gossip, without any basis. “They have a great relationship. Yes, they had everything that happens to many people, but they are still together. And this is another sign that this is true love. And don’t lie everything if you don’t know!” — said Lenin. She believes that Ilya was present at the festival, just not managed to capture the paparazzi.

“How can you say that it wasn’t there? He himself arranged it. There were no cameras, no professional camera!” added Lena. It is, incidentally, his performance remained extremely proud. She has published an excerpt from the filming of the program, which has made her an impassioned speech in defence of Larisa Alexandrovna. “Denied the rumors about the problems in the marriage of Larisa Dolina. Like a tigress fought!” — commented on his participation in “Let them talk” of Lenin.