Larisa Verbitskaya showed off a perfect figure in a swimsuit

Лариса Вербицкая показала идеальную фигуру в купальнике
57-year-old TV presenter was surprised by the photo.

Photo: Instagram

Larisa Verbitskaya your holidays this year in Spain. Now, when in Moscow it is cold, she still enjoys the sun and warm sea. But tomorrow the star is back home.

“Three and a half thousand kilometers of the Spanish coast from the city fuss, she says. Tomorrow home, and the sea whispers, “I’ll remember you!”

On the last day of vacation Verbitskaya has pleased fans of a photo in a bathing suit. All immediately noted that the 57-year-old Kim’s perfect figure! And even though Larisa prefers not to sunbathe in a bikini, and a rather modest one piece bathing suit, and for a photo shoot and is wearing a shirt on top, her beauty her disguise failed.

The secret to a toned figure is simple: the presenter is watching diet and lead an active lifestyle.

“I have been living by the principle: you are what you eat, she says. — So fruit and vegetables on my table should appear on a daily basis. First, fruit and dried fruit is a great dessert and a great alternative to sweets. And secondly, quality products — a bunch of vitamins.”

About 20 years ago, the presenter completely abandoned the sweet, salty, fatty, starchy foods, spicy food and smoked.

“I convinced myself that it is harmful. If, nevertheless, give up the slack, then I will feel guilty,” admitted the star.

Larissa not consider themselves fans of gyms and trainers. However, believes that without exercise, of course, nowhere.

“I like when the body is in good shape: it is not necessary to think what kind of dress you can afford, — said the presenter. — Group training I don’t like. It’s like “average temperature on hospital”: someone will be too easy, someone, on the contrary, hard”.

Stars have a personal trainer who develops an exercise program specifically for her. And she enjoys Nordic walking, rollerblading, loves to run, and she starts her day with a mandatory charge. No magic — just hard work!