Шарлиз Терон рассказала о расставании с Шоном Пенном

About the breakup of Hollywood Actresses Charlize Theron and her boyfriend Sean Penn said a lot. Rumors about the reasons for the separation of 40-year-old actress and her 55-year-old boyfriend went the most different. The most popular version was that in a fit of uncontrolled anger hot-tempered Penn raised on the beloved hand, and this actress, brought up in the family of the father-tyrant, let could not. Since neither Charlize nor Sean, nor even their representatives did not comment on the reasons for the parting of celebrities, journalists had to guess and build their own version. And finally we waited for the truth from the horse’s mouth. Theron became a hero of the Wall Street Journal, in an interview which told about the breakup with Penn.

Шарлиз Терон рассказала о расставании с Шоном Пенном

“Everyone is waiting for the sensation, but I’m not giving that to you. Just when relations come to an end, everything seemed to go crazy and try to dramatize the events.. I don’t even know why this is happening. For a while we with Sean were all great, but at one point our relationship simply outlived its usefulness, and we both decided to leave. So here” — said the actress.

But on adoption the adopted son Theron, who allegedly wanted, but could not draw up the documents Penn, also a lot of inventions.

“For us, with Jackson it was the first experience of the presence of some third party in our relationship. What they say about wanting Sean to adopt Jackson – not true. You cannot decide to take responsibility about the adoption of a child even for a year and a half. It is difficult for adults and baby. Sean was very caring and behaved very carefully in relation to Jackson.

Шарлиз Терон рассказала о расставании с Шоном Пенном

I was a single mother, and the appearance in my life, men did not mean that this man will be a father to my child. This is a very delicate situation, one should be very careful and Frank and Sean did a wonderful job with that,” said Theron.

Immediately after breaking up with Penn Charlize adopted another girl named August. When she submitted the documents, and had no idea that Sean will not be together. The destiny decreed otherwise.

“I always dreamed of a large family, wanted to have many children and the man she loved. As a mother I take full responsibility of adoption and can’t put it on someone else. Penn knew that I served the adoption papers, but he didn’t sign up, it was my desire,” said Theron.

Recall that the pair broke up last summer, almost on the eve of the wedding. Soon to enter the screen of their joint film “the Last face,” directed by Penn and Charlize played a major role. This tape will soon be presented at the Cannes film festival. Assume that due to strained relations with Sean, the actress will come up with a reason not to appear on the Cote d’azur.

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