Yuliya Snigir flashed a black tie event after giving birth

Юлия Снигирь блеснула на светском рауте после родов The actress appeared at the presentation of the prestigious award. Yuliya Snigir on March 9 became a mother for the first time. All present at the event could see how the artist quickly returned to form.

      Юлия Снигирь блеснула на светском рауте после родов

      Popular actress Julia Snigir March 9, gave birth to the firstborn. But the young mother did not seek to advertise this event. Good news, the public learned only a week later. However, Snigir was not afraid to leave without supervision of his newborn and went to the awarding of the prestigious prize for his work in television movies and series. Colleagues and friends of Julia were amazed that the young mother could find time to attend the event.

      All present could see how fast the actress could come in shape after childbirth. As an outfit for his first release after they have a baby, Yulia Snigir chose a black velvet dress. Despite the fact that even just a few years after pregnancy, the actress have already been able to flaunt it in high heels.

      I must say that Snigir appeared on prize not by chance – the TV series “the Great,” in which she played the title role, was nominated in several categories. Herself a young mother fought for the title of best actress in TV movie or TV series. But in this category the prize went to her opponent.

      Interestingly, Julia diligently defends its space from outsiders. All of the information about her family, she tries to keep behind seven locks. For a long time Julia was hiding its position from the public and not reported that is pregnant. Moreover, it is not hinted at who will be the father of the kid. During pregnancy Snigir was rumored that she has the baby popular actor Yevgeny Tsyganov, who has seven children from the former civil wife. But after the new parents have registered a child, in the column “father” znacila exactly Tsyganov, doubts fans had dissipated. By the way, the boy was named Fedor.

      Fight Evgeny Tsyganova received an unexpected response

      After discharge from the maternity hospital to Julia journalists made a video of Eugene and Julia with a baby in her arms approached the entrance of his house. At the entrance between the artist and reporter scuffle ensued. The footage shows how Tsyganov trying to pull the man out of the car. Julia was next, but despite this, the famous artist continued to fight. After this video hit the Net, for a long time, the public vigorously debated the act Tsyganova.

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