Том Хэнкс ответит в суде за ошибки сына

Tom Hanks will have to answer for the mistakes of the son.

The star of the “Spy bridge” soon to stand before the court and be responsible for the accident, which resulted in the injured man.

It is worth to mention Hanks in the accident are not guilty. The accident made the son of actor Chet Hanks, who apparently took dad’s car without permission and later crashed into the car of a resident of Los Angeles Terry Morgan.

In the accident the man received a severe concussion. Now Morgan is suing Tom Hanks, in hopes to receive compensation for the cost of treatment and to obtain payment for temporary loss of working capacity.

As stated by Morgan, the young man was at the time of the accident or drunk, or drugged. He allegedly begged Terry not to call the police, and he decided to spare the son of Hanks. But later changed my mind and decided that he was entitled to compensation for the injuries.

By the way, Chet Hanks not once I caught the hand on nekoi use of illegal drugs. Moreover, 25-the summer guy personally admitted that he suffered from drug addiction and was forced to undergo treatment in the clinic.

by the way, in the hospital, he went just after the incident.


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