Чарли Шин раскрыл подробности заражения ВИЧ

Charlie sheen – newsmaker of the end of 2015 and 2016. In the autumn of last year the actor spoke about the terrible diagnosis which threw the community into shock. In the supply of Western media who have written that one of the representatives of Hollywood HIV (it does not specify his name), the secular crowd roared.

This public reaction forced the Bus to make a confession, after which the number of conversations on this topic has only increased.

Everybody was interested in the details of how Charlie picked up the disease, his former mistresses was scared for his health, because if the actor was so irresponsible in relation to itself, what we say about others.

However, the star of the show “Two and a half men” tried to be not so explicit, because all the cards on the table laid out. Until recently…

In an interview with reporters, The Sun Shin admitted that the fault diagnosis is laziness and alcohol.

According to Sheena, he has always advocated the use of condoms, but some times still neglected protection. “One night I was too drunk or just lazy, and here you are,“ said he.

Shin admitted that the illness has changed him. Since then, as he found out about the diagnosis, he began to spend more time with parents. There was a change in the character actor – he became more brave, determined. “Sex my life will not go away, admits of Tires. And it’s amazing. If not, I do not attach much importance. But I have enough time to get more and more to communicate with parents, you know?”.

Shin complained that now he quite often asked about what it’s like to be HIV positive? “Unintentionally, — ostroumnichat actor, noting that if fate so pleased, he did not have the power to change.

“I truly, one hundred percent grateful for the support. Thank you! My life now more than ever, full of courage and heroism”, — concluded the actor.

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