Участник группы The Rolling Stones впервые показал новорожденных детей

Less than a month ago, 69-year-old member of the band The Rolling Stones Ronnie wood again became a father.

Twin girls the musician on the eve of his birthday gave wife Sally Humphreys.

“The kids are adorable and feel great,” commented on the new addition to the family, the representative of the spouses. By the way, despite the extremity of this process for men, Ronnie still expressed a desire to attend the birth to see how his babies come into the world: “I want to be present during childbirth. I have an important task – to calm Sally. I know how I do it: I put on some music. I almost made the playlist, but hands did not reach,” said recently wood.

By the way, children, according to Ronnie, it drastically changed. Previously, the musician, the lion’s share of their income spent on drugs and alcohol, burned through life as best they could. Now a caring father trying to do everything in his power to keep the children happy, and because of the bad habits and not thinking at all.

“I have Sally, I have a wonderful family, and I have two wonderful, doll girls. I think someone upstairs really likes me,” said the musician in an interview with Hello magazine, the pages of which appeared the pictures of newborn daughters.

Recall that the 69-year-old wood six children: four children from a previous marriage – a 39-year-old son Jesse from his first wife Krissy Findlay, 36-year-old daughter Lea, and 30-year-old son Tyrone from his second wife Jo, and 41-year-old stepson Jamie is a native son Joe. The marriage of Ronnie and Joe lasted 23 years, but in 2008 the guitarist left his wife for Russian woman Katya Ivanova. In 2011 the couple broke up, and in December 2012, wood married Sally Humphreys.

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