Charlie sheen is selling his baseball collection

Чарли Шин распродаёт свою бейсбольную коллекцию

Once very rich and successful actor Charlie sheen is forced to sell the collection that he collected during his last years of life. HIV-positive artist barely making ends meet, all the memorable things that he once invested their millions, are turned back into cash assets. The other day Charlie was forced to sell the ring and a contract baseball player Babe Ruth, to gain for them $ 2 million.

“Charlie is desperately in need of cash. On the job his no one takes. He made his own rope,” said the insider, hinting on a no-win situation the Bus.
Charlie is a longtime baseball fan. His collection he collected for decades, and spared no money to get valuable objects of this sport. So, in his collection appeared the ball, referred to as the “Mookie Ball” and bill Buckner’s glove that missed it.
Recently, according to RadarOnline, sheen has sold most of his collection, and his health became worse.
“The ring of the Bambino meant for Charlie very much. He acquired it in a deal with azionista Josh Evans in the 1990s from Lelands and bragged about it to his friends, promising that you’ll never sell it” — said the insider. Charlie also had a ball signed by Baba and the contract that he signed with the Yankees.