Alla Dovlatov was discharged from the hospital

Алла Довлатова выписалась из роддома
The radio host was called to the hospital personal stylist.

Alla Dovlatov

Photo: Instagram

Alla Dovlatov with a newborn daughter was discharged from
the hospital. For a long-awaited reunion with a loving spouse and children radio
decided to call the clinic a professional stylist, to the day of discharge please
close to a beautifully laid hair.

By the way, thanking the stylist for the beautiful hairstyle, Alla
smile told me that her younger, yet unnamed daughter was born with a gorgeous
hair. “The baby’s hair would be enough for a haircut from a professional, says
Dovlatov. — I during pregnancy heartburn tortured!”

By the way, shortly before discharge Dovlatov revealed the details
his fourth delivery. Dovlatov gave birth in a prestigious hospital “Mother and child”. In
Easter Sunday visited her husband, they managed together to go out, though
it’s against the rules of the hospital.

“Today I work out twenty minutes exercises for
the newly minted mom, plus I still for quick recovery did here
physiotherapy (laser for 3 minutes on each seam) and anesthetized. What to do?
A cesarean! — said Alla. But what is more important! I have wanted to walk! Yes
after all, Easter! In the air, albeit rainy, the smell of Holiday ! So we went
out for a walk! Only you don’t tell anyone! And then walk to young mums, not
discharged from the hospital is not necessary.”

Personal trainer yoga sent Dovlatova video
with exercise, you can start to recover
the third day after caesarean section. The exercise is called “Reverse
breath” and occurs in the postpartum brace.