Channing Tatum told his wife about his shady past on the first date

Ченнинг Татум рассказал жене о своем сомнительном прошлом на первом свидании
Wife took recognition of the actor surprisingly calm.

Ченнинг Татум рассказал жене о своем сомнительном прошлом на первом свидании

Channing Tatum in “Magic Mike”

Photo: Outnow

Channing Tatum announced curious
fact: it turns out that at the time he confessed to his beloved wife jenna that before
become a movie star, he worked as a stripper, is on a first date! “I decided
she has a right to immediately know everything about me!” — commented the actor.

“We had dinner in the restaurant when I told her
this. She was a bit surprised. Asked: “Really?” And that’s all. Never asked nor
one question. You know, it’s amazing, but when I talk about my ex
profession girls, they don’t show to the topic of special interest. But
guys usually begin to ask a thousand questions: “Where? When? And you were really
on stage completely naked?” — told the 37-year-old Channing. Oddly enough, at that time,
when Tatum earned a living in a strip club, not even know it
parents. Father first heard about the last profession of his son when he became famous, after the speech of Channing on the show from Ellen DeGeneres. And dad the actor
unlike Tatum’s wife, was outraged and did not
could calm down.

Incidentally, according to Channing, he was not at all bored still
times. “I do not feel the slightest temptation to return to the stage. You know, work
stripper was not absolutely nothing glamorous. I spoke to the club in
a small town where rarely going more than 25 girls. And I am not
yearn that those days…” said Tatum.

Channing Tatum with wife