Lena Lenina admitted why hides her son

Лена Ленина призналась, почему прячет сына
Outrageous business lady protects heir.

Lena Lenina

Photo: @Instagram Lena lenaleninaofficial

It is known that in 2001 Lena Lenina became a mother. In a marriage that was contracted in his student years, the flamboyant star was born the son of Clement. The first time when the boy was still young, a couple of times Lenin showed the heir to the public. But then I began to hide it from the camera flash.

Now Lena son for 16 years, but a business lady fundamentally does not go with Clement in the light. In her microblog can not find any pictures with the heir. In addition, Lena says nothing about her son in interviews that provokes her fans to the discussion of rumors: “Maybe Lena is not and never was his own son? Maybe it was another PR?”

Lenin denied the gossip about her family, spread in the Network. She explained why Klimentiy no place in her public life. “I have, indeed, have a son, but I’ve been saving it and not prevent him famous!” — said Lenin.

In the past year, by the way, Lenin said that he had received from another suitor’s offer of marriage, but, apparently, the offer was not accepted. We will remind that earlier she was married to count Pascal Florent-Edward. Pair played a wedding in Bali and in Moscow. But after a few years of Lenin divorced because of excessive jealousy of her husband. Since in secular circles often appear rumors about her Affairs with oligarchs, but so far none of them ended with a wedding.