Ченнинг Татум занялся производством водки

Who would have imagined that a former male stripper Channing Tatum will undertake to do the business, Yes not simple, but very interesting.

36-year-old actor, accustomed to gay life became the founder of the brand Born and Bred, under the auspices of which will now be available an alcoholic beverage – vodka.

According to Channing, it has long been thought about to create something new and his own, because he chose to manufacture liquor.

The peculiarity of vodka from the Tatum is that it should help people to relax, rest and fun, as he loves to do Channing, along with his friends.

We will remind, the production of vodka – not only that now spends time Tatum. Recently, he became a student at Harvard business school.

Information about the new student appeared on the official website of Harvard on Facebook, and photos on Twitter of his teacher, Professor Anita Ebers.

It is known that Tatum is enrolled on the course, which in its name contains what Tatum has been doing for over 15 years. Channing is now studying Business in the field of entertainment, sports and media”.

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