Азиз Ансари опасается Дональда Трампа

American comedian of Indian origin , Aziz Ansari is concerned about the “xenophobic rhetoric” candidate for President of the United States of America from the Republican party, Donald trump, as he told in an interview with The New York Times.

33-year-old actor said that after 49 people were killed by a terrorist in Orlando, he began to demand from their parents, Muslim immigrants, to stay away from mosques. however, he realizes how awful that sounds, when American citizens have been horrendous to those who have, on the contrary, to give them confidence.”
“Today, presidential candidate Donald trump and others like him spew the hate speech, which all reached unimaginable heights. It’s scary because their words affect the lives of people in their work. It makes me afraid for my country. Now the word “Muslim” put in the word “terrorist”. No one is associating it with the Nobel peace prize Malalai Yusufzai or other figures who have contributed to the development of civilization” — said Aziz and assured that American Muslims have more in common with those unhappy visitors, who were brutally murdered than the murderer.
“I myself have never been a very religious man, but after what happened I had the feeling that I must now make excuses for their religion, faith and skin color. This sense of minority, sad and scary at the same time,” said Aziz.
Ansari believes that trump is deliberately chosen position of hatred, not disdaining anything before the “collecting of the electorate.” Policy statements that Muslims celebrated and rejoiced when she had attacks of September 11, 2001, according to Aziz, are not true. He remembered Donald and that after the news about the shooting of a gay club, trump wrote on his page: “Accept congratulations” (probably referring to the fact that his predictions about the Muslims began to come true).
“Looks like he was the only one who celebrated this day,” said the actor.

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