Келвин Харрис откровенно рассказал о расставании с Тейлор Свифт

Until recently, Taylor swift was not super successful in matters of the heart. The singer tried not to get involved with guys, because, were talking close to her friends, she was afraid of them. But Taylor stepped through your fear and…away we go…

Swift became the real mistress of the art of flirting and seduction. On account of Taylor’s several novels, the latest of which has just started to develop.

Former country music singer twisted relationship with a potential James bond, Tom Hiddleston, and did it ugly.

In the arms of British actor swift was nearly two weeks after broke the heart of his previous girlfriend’s Calvin Harrison.

It was obvious to all that this behavior of the girl broke the young DJ heart. He even stopped following her on social networks, trying to make him nothing about her resembled.

A week later after all the events, Harris decided to comment on the whole situation and said that swift “controlled the media and the whole situation” and that he “had no idea what was happening,” so that “all of this makes the situation much worse from my point of view.”

Calvin also said that swift was the initiator of parting with him: “I never quit, and she’s definitely not sad. All is well.”

A little later, the musician added that now he doesn’t care with whom, where and how is spending time with his “ex”.

“I’m not jealous, sir, I am free,” replied Harris on a question from a fan about how all the swift to the new man.

By the way, the novel swift Hiddleston is developing rapidly. On the days That introduced the new girl to his mother.

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