Джаред Лето назвал Джокера «ролью всей жизни»

Warner Bros. wants to create a franchise, which by its popularity and coolness could compete with the films of the Marvel universe. To do this the first time Warner Bros. failed. Picture “Batman vs. Superman” has been criticized in the nines. Try your luck a second time the Studio is going with the film “suicide Squad”, which has high hopes.

At the moment it is believed that the greatest pressure was experiencing the performer of the role of the new Joker is Jared Leto. The actor and musician turned into a strange character followed by the brilliant Heath Ledger, because he had to approach this very seriously.

The film has long been completed, and the premiere will take place a month and a half, because now the Summer is can openly talk about his character and what he means to him.

“It was the role of a lifetime. It was an incredible honor to receive an offer to play this role. Over the years, the Joker has played a remarkable actor. For me it is a real honour to continue the tradition. I’m so grateful for this chance,” said Jared in an interview with Deadline.

In addition, the frontman of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars savli that we should expect something quite unusual: “You can expect a lot of chaos and a lot of fun. And, I think, something completely different than other films of this genre.”

“Suicide squad” will be in cinemas very soon — August 4, 2016.

Recall that in early June it became known what the rating was awarded to the film. Contrary to General expectations and expectations on a rating of “R”, the American kinaesthesia, after reviewing the picture, decided that the viewer may be allowed to people older than 13 years. Persons under this age to visit the cinema can only be accompanied by an adult.

Note that such a rating was unexpected and even disappointing for pattern makers. The fact that has long been noticed, the more “adult” film, the large audience he gathers.

The creators of “suicide Squad” has previously said that the movie rating should be less than “R” because it is filled with scenes of violence and profanity.


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