Changes in appearance Larisa Dolina has confused fans

Перемены во внешности Ларисы Долиной привели в замешательство фанатов
Singer 62-year-old singer pokrasnela not in a natural way?

Yulia Nachalova, Larisa Dolina and Alexander Panayotov

Photo: @Instagram Yulia julianachalova Nachalovo

Larisa Dolina, appeared on the celebration of the 37th birthday of Julia Nachalova was overshadowed by the birthday girl. In social networks, a discussion about how it looked at the party, an unnamed Queen of jazz. Valley got dressed up for the occasion in a slinky red outfit, chained the views of users of the Network to its ideal figure.

Not to notice that the Valley is extremely thin, it is impossible. Hence the question: how the artist has achieved phenomenal results? Can postroynet helped her with photoshop? Or Valley has undergone plastic surgery? Perhaps the role played by some of the miracle remedies for weight loss? All these questions remain unanswered. Perhaps in the future the 62-year-old singer will reveal the secret of astounding changes in appearance.

Have a talented and young at heart a Valley grows up, by the way, a worthy replacement. The other day Maxim Fadeev published in a personal blog video in which 6-year-old granddaughter Alexandra singer sings “Song of the sea devil” from the movie “the amphibian Man”. The granddaughter of the Valley very much to subscribers Fadeeva. All noticed that she has because of their age yet have such a voice and skill as Larisa Alexandrovna, but the hearing is exceptional. Granddaughter of the singer, by the way, and she dreams of becoming a singer. From an early age the girl was given to the vocals at the Academy of musical and dancing in the famous ensemble “Neposedy”. In its four years, Sasha answered confidently that in the future wants to be on stage and sing beautiful songs as her grandmother. “I’m a singing Princess. I will be kind, beautiful and intelligent, — says the girl. — I want to sing and dance on stage as a grandma.”