Abdulov’s widow reacted to the news about the illegitimate child of an actor

Вдова Абдулова отреагировала на новость о внебрачном ребенке актера
Repeated drama family Spartaka Mishulina?

Larisa Steinman alleged daughter of Alexander Abdulov

Photo: still from “actually”

In the show “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev was carried out a DNA test to establish paternity of Alexander Abdulov. Journalist Larisa Steinman came to the Studio of a statement that the actor may be the father of her daughter. Why can? It’s simple — in this time she had Affairs with two men. One was beloved folk artist and the other a gentleman, whose name was not made public.

Relationship shteiman and married at the time, Irina Alferova Abdulov, according to the heroine of the show lasted for two years. In the birth certificate of daughter Larissa in the column the father costs a crossed out section. Shortly after the birth of girls, the actor allegedly asked shteiman, who is the father of the baby. The journalist assured the artist that the girl’s father is another man. For many years it was harassed by doubts, and suddenly, the biological father still Abdulov? Only now she decided to conduct a DNA examination (in the Studio was brought sweater actor left them many years ago shteiman).

Note that Alferov ignored the scandal surrounding her ex-husband. But journalists know what he thinks about recognition shteiman the actor’s widow and the mother of his 10-year-old daughter, Julia.

“I did not watch this program. How do I react to these conversations? Nohow. Why I should react to it. All women who give birth to something” — quoted Yulia kp.ru. Ignoring provocations Julia, by the way, comes true. Because at the end of the program it turned out that the girl’s father is likely to be another man.