Чемпионка по художественной гимнастике Самира Мустафаева вышла замуж Gymnast Samira Mustafayeva married longtime lover. The wedding was organized in France, the lovebirds invited only the closest relatives and friends.

25-year-old Samira Mustafayeva can give a real master class in how brilliantly to finish his career in the sport and thus change your life for the better. After unsuccessful world Cup qualifiers in 2013, the gymnast decided to leave the team, and to kill the boredom and realize in full, Mustafayev opened a Studio and posters in the capital, which now enjoys great popularity.

The other day a successful businesswoman has pleased fans one more important news – she was married. The wedding ceremony took place in France, and former gymnast and her partner have invited only the closest people.

“I always knew what kind of wedding sure you don’t want. Six months of preparation, a lot of nerves, invited 500 people, 450 of which are just “needed” to invite. To each his own and if someone likes it so I don’t mind. But in my opinion, it is personal and even intimate event, which concerns in fact only the two lovers. And I am very glad that we were only the closest, with whom we shared this joy” — shared his thoughts chosen Mustafayeva after the ceremony.

On the newly-minted wife Samira is little known Nick a long time in business and a few years older than his famous wife. Earlier Mustafayev admitted that they met online, and almost immediately realized that made for each other.

“He used to work in the restaurant business, and then tried to open a restaurant, but in the end decided to take the Studio stretching with me. We got married in Moscow in early July, and the wedding was held in nice. To be honest, there’s just the family lives of Nika, and we decided that the celebration needed to hold together. So my parents also came here,” Samira said in a recent interview.

By the way, the painting in Moscow gymnast came in sneakers. According to the girl, she knew that soon she would have a fairy tale wedding with the dress and the beautiful shoes, so during the festival in the capital, decided on the original course. But for the ceremony in France Mustafayev chose a sexy dress with a deep neckline and a high slit, showing her slender legs. The groom preferred the classic black suit.

Fans never tire of admiring the tenderness with which Samira tells about the spouse. Communicating with Peopletalk gymnast said that she is now incredibly happy and I’m sure their Union will last for many decades.