Алексис Оганян: «Я готов на все ради жены и дочери»

Husband of Serena Williams Alexis Ohanian is the perfect man, at least, so says the public. It makes the player stunning gifts and surprises: in February, Serena had to play in the first WTA tournament after giving birth to her daughter, and to support the newly-made mother, he bought four Billboard on the route 1-10 freeway that leads to the stadium in Indian wells, and put a photo of his wife with his daughter! And on simple request of dinner in the Italian style Ohanyan on a private plane took the wife to Venice. However, the ideal Alexis does not believe what he told the publication Us Weekly.

Алексис Оганян: «Я готов на все ради жены и дочери»

“I am far from being the perfect partner. But I am sure that it is very important to make surprises for his wife, especially if you are married… you Need to use every opportunity to do this, from those that you have”.

“If you ask me what the most romantic thing I did for my wife, I rather remember something of those moments when I just was a good father for our daughter or a good husband. Their feelings can be expressed not only through romantic trips to Rome or Venice. You just need always to be there and daily try to be the best partner for your spouse”.

In an interview with Alexis even remembered the TV series “Game of thrones” in comparison with my life. “By the way, I now much better understand the “Game of thrones”. I liked the idea that someone may last up to protect their homes. I would do anything for his wife and daughter.”

Serena started Dating the founder of the popular website Reddit in 2015. The pair met during a stay in Rome in one of the hotels at Breakfast. Serena took the initiative in their hands, and she met Alexis. Here, in December of the following year, the man has made Serena a proposal. “I came home a little later. I was waiting for the box and carriage. Destination – Rome. There our stars and I first met accidentally at the same table, and now the circle is closed. This time not by chance, but by choice fell on one knee and said the four words,” says the athlete.

1 September was born the daughter Alexis. Gave birth to baby totalrevenue tennis clinic St. Mary’s Medical Center in palm beach (FL). Good news sportswoman she said. “Two weeks after we found out I was pregnant, I participated in the Open championship of Australia. I then told Alexis that we will certainly have a girl: I play on a 37-degree heat, and the child didn’t cause any problems. Do or die. Only women can,” says Serena. Tennis player won at those events, and then promised fans that he will resume his career next year. Daily workout, pregnancy is not affected, and Williams continued to exercise to keep in shape.