Селин Дион поздравила маму с 90-летием

For Celine Dion’s family – one of the main aspects in life, which she devotes most of their time. The schedule of the artist, painted almost by the minute, but when it comes to her family, she is ready to leave all things and devote time to them. That’s what Celine did for his mother Therese Tanguay-Dion, which Mar 20, turned 90 years old.

On the occasion of this date, they organized a big family celebration, which was attended by 13 children Teresa, including Celine, her grandchildren and friends. Photographer Denise Truscello, made a memorable family portrait. Not enough at the feast of the brother of Celine, Daniel Dion, who died of cancer last year at age 59, and, of course, the singer husband Rene Angelil, who doted in his mother-in-law.

“Today we are all around you — a true gift. Happy birthday, mom! With the 90th anniversary! We love you…” — posted in Celine Instagram under published family photos.

Mother Celine is a woman who is impossible not to admire. Together with her husband Adhémar Dion, they were able to give birth and raise 14 children, give each of them a decent upbringing. Celine among brothers and sisters the youngest. As recently revealed, it could never be born if not for the instruction of a priest:At that time my mother already gave birth to 13 children — told Celine in an interview. More than 20 years she has been stuck in a circle of domestic work — washing, Ironing, cooking and other duties. 365 days a year without interruption. Of course, she thought finally that time came to an end. Her two youngest children, twins Paul and Pauline — finally went to school, and she had time for herself. She got the opportunity to walk, relax, travel with my father to visit those places they’ve ever dreamed of. And suddenly she discovers that she is pregnant again. She was devastated, and before an abortion turned to the priest. He told her: “You can’t go against nature, you have no right to decide to live this child or not.” So you could say, my life I owe to the priest. When I was born, mom loved me as much as all of his other children.”