Zayn Malik spoke about the fight against eating disorder

Зейн Малик рассказал о борьбе с расстройством пищевого поведения

Zayn Malik at the moment can be called one of the most successful member of the group One Direction. The guy decided to leave the team to develop as a solo creative unit, but this decision cost him his health. In his autobiography, the young singer said that faced with such unpleasant neural affliction, the eating disorder.

Zane began to melt before our eyes, losing several pounds monthly. The guy never was lush body because it weight loss was particularly noticeable.

“Looking at images taken, for example, in November 2014, I realize that even then was sick. I would not touch this topic publicly, but now I must admit — I have a serious eating disorder, and it must be solved. It is not the weight, I just didn’t eat for a few days, really. I lost control of my life due to stress, I lost a lot of weight and had nothing to do with the lack of appetite”, — was Frank Zane in his autobiography.

The first alarm about the state of the son began to beat his mother. She helped his child to heal and develop this area of his life: “I returned to England and spent some time with my mom. She looked after me and cooked me food. […] I now have control over all aspects of his life, and especially the one in which I would often say — no, I will not eat. Now the whole right, I’m eating fine, everything was back to normal”.

In addition to eating disorders Malik encountered such a nuisance as a panic attack.

Panic attacks before live shows were so strong that Zane even refused to go on stage events, where he was announced as the headliner.

“The last few months I was haunted by terrible attacks of fear when it came to live performances” — wrote Zane then Instagram, asking forgiveness from fans.

Now the guy does not complain of any problems. I hope they simply do not.