Знаменитости, которые пожертвовали своими детьми ради карьеры

Many celebrities for fame and career unrestrained lose weight or, conversely, get better, and there are those who rise for the sake of career is ready to sacrifice the most precious children! Star gave descendants to boarding school? And who the rest of your life and have not found a common language with their children, where left?
Lyudmila Gurchenko example for inheritance, it is still the ideal of beauty, for many Directors, she is the ideal actress! But became a legend of several generations, Lyudmila Markovna could not become a good mother for his only daughter, which he sacrificed for the sake of career! All the maternal feelings and instincts in Lyudmila Markovna died in that moment, when I learned that gave birth not to the son, as really wanted and which has managed to give even the name of the mark, and daughter!
“When mom learned that her daughter was born, the long and uncontrollable crying. After hearing this story, I realized that its birth I’m just disappointed the mother!” recalls daughter Maria Borisovna.
The scale of grief Gurchenko was impossible to describe promising artist ventured pregnancy just for the sake of her beloved husband, Boris Andronikashvili and dreams to have a son. Born daughter Masha did not fit into her life script. The desire to return to the big movie drowned out any maternal instinct. When her daughter was barely 4 months old, father left her with her parents in Kharkov and moved back to Moscow a second time to storm the kinoolimp. Daughter, the actress took to her 3 years later. For both cohabitation has been a big challenge, the daughter continued to consider parents, grandparents, Gurchenko, in fact, was a stranger to her man.
“She was a very impulsive person! I found it easier to leave and to dissociate itself from the wall, rather than to participate in the process bickering!”, — says Maria.

Знаменитости, которые пожертвовали своими детьми ради карьеры
They did not become close until the end of life the two human and will not become each other’s family!
Lidiya Fedoseeva Shukshina mean acting dreamed of since childhood, so, against the wishes of parents, he successfully passed the exams in Your theatre, was in seventh heaven. While still a student, she met a young actor Vyacheslav Voronin, in the moment, forget about an acting career, and about his studies, the couple married and the young family had a daughter Nastya. Instead of a theatre stage the life of a young and promising actress filled the concerns about the child and husband. But it quickly enough tired.
“I finally got away from him and said I want to learn! I did not like to be a housewife!”, — says the actress.
At that moment, she realized that at this point in his life still wants to be an actress more than a housewife. That is why Lidia gives daughter Nastia to the education of his mother, and she returns to the dream about a great movie! Soon the relationship between them will be lost forever, because the child’s father will take her forever to himself, although, according to the actress, her husband simply stole her daughter.
“I gave your mother in Leningrad, in a communal, but he secretly came and said that Lida was allowed to pick up her daughter and took e to his village!”, — Shukshina recollects.

Trying to get my daughter Lydia will make only a few years later, but at that moment the girl was already a schoolgirl, and she decided – refused to live with her mother! They almost did not communicate, even when Nastya goes to jail for the transportation of drugs, Lydia Nikolaevna navedit her only twice. Their relationship still can not be called warm!

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